645 G St. Ste. 100  #505
Anchorage, AK 99501 
Phone:       (907) 646-0816
Fax:            (907) 646-0815
Arcticline:    (877) 240-8832

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Good News
Top Notch Maintenance!

Good News!
There's a new Elevator Company in Alaska! Arctic Elevator Company, "Answering The call" for higher quality and lower pricing...

At Arctic Elevator, a long term service relationship is our goal.  We aren't the biggest company in town, but we are the best!  Here you will find a list of services we provide...

Reduce trouble calls and increase passenger safety by upgrading to microprocessor controls and newer fixtures. New soft starters, door protection, and closed loop door operators are also important featrues to consider...

Top Notch Maintenance
Do Your Elevators Have It? 
We provide a complete comprehensive preventative maintenance program, providing maximum coverage for your equipment for years to come.  This includes lubrication, inspection, repair, adjustment, and or parts replacement at no additional cost...

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